Salvation Stanzas, Reasons and Rhymes

allHis – because it is!

at the foot of the cross

Small Beginnings

The Maker looked lovingly at the seeds in His hand
Each barely an eighth an inch long,
And smiled and nodded approvingly
As the other trees broke out in song,
The little seeds little knew at that time
The great lesson that God was showing,
Or the noble cause for which they were made
And the honor that He was bestowing,
From humble beginnings and lowly estate
These seeds would stand mighty and tall,
Clapping their hands in worship and praise
To greet Jesus the Maker of all,
So if you’re not noble or mighty
Remember neither were they,
Sequoias took thousands of years to grow
They didn’t grow up in one day.

Mark Tinjum  –   2015


One Out Of Two


A Prince Among Men (Tribute To tim)


  1. Mary Tinjum

    I like this one. Beautifully written.

  2. Nathaniel

    I like this one a lot. Good rhythm and encouraging message.

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