Salvation Stanzas, Reasons and Rhymes

allHis – because it is!


It’s astounding to think that a man like me,

Filled with faults and failures and flaws,

Who has broken not only my Father’s heart,

But also His covenant and laws,

That a sheep who strayed so far from God,

Once entangled and captive to sin,

Could come to become God’s dearly loved son,

Whom Christ treasures and calls His true kin.


Mark Tinjum. –  2017


Risen Savior
Lamb once slain
Proved true every
Word and claim
Risen Lord
Reigning King
Coming again
Rejoice and sing!

Mark Tinjum   –   2017


Songs of praise,
Echo in my mind,
In them the joy,
Of heaven I find.

Songs of deliverance,
Songs of salvation,
Songs of peace,
Songs of jubilation.

Songs that bring hope,
To the heart of man,
Songs that reveal,
God’s redemption plan.

Songs of the Father,
The Spirit and Son,
Songs of the battle,
And the victory Christ won!

Mark Tinjum   –   2017


We are called to something more noble,

We are called to a much greater cause,

We are called to a much more meaningful life,

Than to live for man’s praise and applause.

We are called to serve the true Master,

We are called to follow His lead,

We are called to stand up for the poor and oppressed,

We are called to help others in need.


Mark Tinjum   –  2017

Long Before

Jesus knew from eternity,

Long before time on earth began,

That to ransom His dearly loved children,

He would have to become fully Man,

Long before sin came to plague mankind,

Before Satan tempted Adam and Eve,

Jesus knew He would have to descend from His throne,

And to suffer for those who believe, 

So the God-Man Jesus the Servant King,

Laid His full weight of glory aside,

That man would not live forever in sin,

Nor in shame and fear cower and hide.


Mark Tinjum- 2017


He knew He would have to take,
Our wretchedness and sin,
Upon His sinless body,
So that we could enter in,
To His Father’s holy presence,
So He gave us day for night,
And let darkness fall upon Himself,
So that we could be clothed with His light.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


If we truly search the depths of our hearts,
We would realize we’re orphans one and all,

Separated from a kind, loving Father,

By the brutal nightmare called the Fall.


But God made a way back to His heart and His side,

Opened wide heaven’s welcoming door,

And the curse we call the Fall of man,

Through His Son is reversed evermore. 


Mark Tinjum. –  2017

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