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at the foot of the cross

Stand Alone Stanzas


Thank you seems so inadequate,
My loftiest speech insufficient,
To convey the depth of my gratitude,
To Lord God Almighty Omniscient.


Neither mankind’s most beautiful eloquence,
Nor man’s loftiest words could exhaust,
The example of grace and selfless love,
Christ displayed when He suffered the cross.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


Fellow Pilgrim


One Day


  1. Scott Hicks

    Wow, Mark. I read Insufficient. Then I read it again. The depth of your love for God is plainly evident, and your ability to transcribe it to the page, is impressive. These 4 verses are so meaningful to me.

    ….then I read Inexhaustible. Then I read to the bottom of the page, expecting to reach the end of your posts. Page 1 of 10 (!).

    Build Wisely, Whose Children, Beautiful Mess, Where to Begin, and especially.. A Prince Among Men, all hit a chord with me. I don’t know ‘Tim’, but I feel as though I love him, as you so eloquently expressed.

    Lastly, He First Loved Us, is especially meaningful as this is our marriage verse.

    Well Done, faithful servant! Looking forward to your upcoming work.

    • Mark

      Wow, I am humbled that you enjoyed my poems so much and that you took the time to express your thoughts. Thank you brother, I greatly appreciate your kind words. I hope and pray God continues to help me find new ways to convey my feelings and thoughts, inasmuch as a fragile, frail, finite mind can comprehend and the explain the ineffable. !Dios te bendiga, hermano!

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