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at the foot of the cross

Fellow Pilgrim

Is your soul now being sifted,
By various troubles and trials?
Even Peter succumbed to temptation,
He forcefully made three denials.
Is the enemy shouting lies in your ear?
Christ’s word will silence his wiles!
Does the world revile and mistreat you
Though you’ve gone the extra mile?
You’re in very fine company,
John and Paul both faced earthly exile.
So don’t give up- keep up the fight,
While despair may be in style,
You will soon feel the Savior’s loving embrace
Just patiently wait for awhile.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015


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  1. Nathaniel Smith

    Thanks, Mark. I love checking out your posts for encouragement and a pause from the craziness of the day.

    • Mark

      Thanks Nathaniel, I appreciate the encouragement and support and am glad you like the site! God bless, hermano, and congrats on your marriage.

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