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Captain, King, Commander,
Prophet and Holy High Priest,
Ruler of both rich and poor,
From the greatest to the least,
Alpha, Omega, First and Last
The Word and the Great I AM,
Prince of Peace and Mighty God,
Judah’s Lion and God’s sinless Lamb.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

Where To Begin

Sometimes when my God meets with me
In the garden of my heart,
I see the walls all broken down
And don’t even know where to start.

Sometimes He mercifully shows me
The thistles and weeds of my sin,
And it grieves me deeply to see and know
The shape my heart truly is in.

But the Lord is the Master Re-builder
Of broken and battered lives,
And by His kind, patient pruning,
The fruit of the Spirit thrives.

So if you think you’re beyond all hope
And you’re ready to just give in,
Offer your heart into Jesus’ hands
And let the Master begin…

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

A Prince Among Men (Tribute To tim)

A meek, humble man, uncommon
Gracious in word, deed and pen,
Eyes lovingly looking to Jesus
He was truly a prince among men.

His joy was contagious and winsome
He laughed with the joy of a child,
For he knew that his Father was with him
That through Christ he had been reconciled.

He befriended the helpless and hopeless
Spoke in love what is true and what’s right,
He stood by the side of family and friends,
And brought light on a dark day or night.

He touched the lives of many
Was so generous with all he possessed,
He reached out to those less fortunate
Truly lived out the life he professed.

He preferred to be called a servant
Sought to serve and not to be served,
He knew that grace was the gift of God
That no one can earn or deserved.

He is now singing praise to the Savior
Gladly casting his crown at Christ’s feet,
He’s now with the Lord he loves and adores
And his joy is now full and complete.

Oh dear timothy, how I miss you!
You’re a once in a lifetime friend,
I thank God for our time spent together,
That in Christ this life isn’t the end!

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

One Out Of Two

The creatures He breathed life into,
Caused His breath to be taken away,
Laying down His life He made one out of two,
Wayward Israel and gentiles astray.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

The Trade

He stepped off of His throne,
So glorious above,
For no other reason,
But to shine forth His love.

The angels in awe,
Bending knee at the sight,
Of the King of Creation,
Robed in radiant light.

But the splendor displayed,
On His heavenly throne,
Was eclipsed by the sight,
Of humility shown.

He walked the earth as a Servant,
Humbled Himself as a man,
As angels looked on, in stunned disbelief,
At the wonder of God’s ancient plan.

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True Wisdom

It often takes a bigger man
To say no rather than yes,
To go against the grain of the world,
To seek God and His righteousness.

The better part of wisdom
Is being humble, kind and meek,
Knowing when to hold your peace,
And when to stand up and speak.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

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