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A Block Or Two Away

We don’t need to go across the world
Just a block or two away,
To share the love of Jesus Christ
With lost souls gone astray,
For Jesus came to seek and save
Our neighbors across the street,
And calls us to be the light of the world
To each man, woman, child we meet.

Mark Tinjum  –   2016


We all make choices
Some are good
Some are bad,
Some make us happy
Some make us sad,
Some are big ones
Some seem so small
Some we bend under
Some we stand tall,
Some are before us
Some have now past,
Some go by quickly
Some eternally last,
Some lead to riches
Some lead to fame,
Some were made for us
Some we place blame,
Some gain victory
Some cause defeat,
Some lead us forward
Some cause retreat,
But the greatest decision
You can possibly make,
Is to follow God’s Son
Who died for your sake,
His call is to all
You can freely partake,
And I pray you choose wisely
For your soul is at stake.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

Whose Children?

Children scrounge for a morsel in garbage dumps
While we sit on our piles of gold,
We walk our safe and pleasant streets
While God’s children are bought and sold,
We  sweep it all under the carpet
As Christ commands for orphans be bold,
So what will we answer the King of kings
When He comes back as Scripture foretold,
I can’t speak for anyone anyone else
But my excuses are getting old,
For where would we be if Christ treated us
So callously, meanly, so cold?
We’d be naked, hopeless and helpless
With no Samaritan to help on the road.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

The Knock

Countless children orphaned,
At the hands of injustice and war,
Victims of mankind’s lust and greed,
While we’re busy at play and ignore,
But Christ watches over and weeps,
At the plight of the helpless and poor,
Will we show them His love, grace and mercy?
Or ignore their knocks on our door?

Mark Tinjum   –   2015


We heap praise on him and marvel,
When a man jumps four feet high,
And barely acknowledge the existence,
Of the God who made earth, sea and sky.

We heap praise and give glory to mortal men,
Who can briefly defy the earth’s gravity,
While we stiff arm away the only One,
Who can save us from sin and depravity.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

One Minute Alter Call

One minute men may love you,
The next they may cast a stone,
One minute you may be toast of the town,
The next you may stand all alone,
One minute you may have world in your hand,
The next one nothing to hold,
One minute you may be a free man,
The next one your life may be sold,
One minute you may feel invincible,
The next one defeated and lost,
One minute you may be safe and secure,
The next may be tempest tossed,
One minute you may be the picture of health
The next you may draw your last breath,
So in the next minute I earnestly pray,
Call on Christ who saves sinners from death.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

True Health and Wealth

Some invest in stocks and bonds
Others stockpile real estate,
Some tie their fortunes to this fleeting world
Along with their lives and fate.

Some squirrel and horde earthly wealth
Clinging to it with all their might,
Some can’t get it off their troubled minds
And worry about it all through the night.

Some scheme, some dream and others steal
In an effort to get further ahead,
Some hope to land the ultimate deal
Or inherit wealth from the dead.

Some think that just a little more
Would cure all earthly woes,
“Cash is king” the masses sing
As the well worn saying goes.

But the wealthiest Man to ever live
Had no earthly home nor a bed,
He had no comfortable nest like the birds
To rest His weary head.

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