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I Listened

I sat beside a friend of mine,
And listened to his tale of lament,
I didn’t say many profound words,
And later asked the Lord why I was sent,
He replied in return, “You did what I asked,”
“You listened and you were a friend,”
“You were an extension of me and I am pleased,”
“By the listening ear that you lend.”

Mark Tinjum  2017

Jas 1:19  NKJV
So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath;

Never Hopeless

Christ seeks out with zeal and passion,
God’s lost and straggling sheep,
He never grows faint or weary,
Never pauses to rest or sleep,
He never says it is too difficult,
Not even the most hopeless cases,
And all who repent and ask Him in,
Jesus loves and accepts and embraces.

Mark Tinjum  –  2016

Long Before

Jesus knew from eternity,

Long before time on earth began,

That to ransom His dearly loved children,

He would have to become fully Man,

Long before sin came to plague mankind,

Before Satan tempted Adam and Eve,

Jesus knew He would have to descend from His throne,

And suffer for those who believe, 

So the God-Man Jesus the Servant King,

Laid His full weight of glory aside,

That man would not live forever in sin,

Nor in shame and fear cower and hide.


Mark Tinjum- 2017


If we truly search the depths of our hearts,
We would realize we’re orphans one and all,

Separated from a kind, loving Father,

By the brutal nightmare called the Fall.


But God made a way back to His heart and His side,

Opened wide heaven’s welcoming door,

And the curse we call the Fall of man,

Through His Son is reversed evermore. 


Mark Tinjum. –  2017

Through Different Eyes

Icy stares.
Piercing, judging, condemning.
Showing no mercy.

Loving eyes.
Considerate, compassionate, affectionate.
Seeing the need.

Hostile thoughts.
Unpleasant, unkind, ungracious.
Refusing to see.

Crying eyes.
Sin, shame, guilt.
Looking for hope.

Tender words.
Repentance, acceptance, deliverance.
Healing the soul.

Overflowing joy.
Master, Savior, Friend.
Abundant life found.

Mark Tinjum   –   2008

What Did I Do?

What did I do to deserve a God,
As patient and loving as You?
Nothing is the word that comes to mind,
It’s because You are faithful and true.
What did You ever see in my life,
Except for the wreckage and mess?
Lord I’m so glad to have a God like You,
Who is moved by my pain and distress.

What did I ever do dear Lord,
To deserve such wondrous grace?
Such lavish love and mercy,
That You willingly died in my place?
Why did You grant such great favor,
To one so unworthy as I?
Praise, glory and honor to Jesus,
Is my joyful and humble reply.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

Brand New

God’s peace can conquer
The storms within,
His love can bridge
The gulf of sin,
His joy can lighten
The heaviest heart,
His grace can give us
A brand new start.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

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