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at the foot of the cross

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Need / Need Met


You are good
In every way
In thought
In word
In deed
And when we love
And follow You
You satisfy
Our need.

Need  Met

Nothing is beyond You,
Nothing is above,
You met us in our deep, dark need,
And died to show Your love.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

Pledge of Allegiance / Vacation or Vocation?

Pledge of Allegiance

I owe my existence
And allegiance to One,
Who died on a cross
To make a rebel His son.

Vacation or Vocation?

God did not call us on this earth
To live life a permanent vacation,
We are called to be light to a darkened world,
Ambassadors of Christ our vocation.

Mark Tinjum  –   2016

Living Water

With the gospel of peace
And grace on His lips
Some would curse Him
Some would applaud,
As He walked about
This dry thirsty world
To disperse
Living water of God.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

Authority – Light in the Shadow


When we abide in the Lord Jesus Christ,
We can speak with the utmost authority,
And when we stand fast in His Holy Word,
One plus God is a landslide majority.

Light in the Shadow

Identify the enemy’s lie,
A good friend said to me,
Bring it captive to Jesus Christ,
And His truth shall set you free.
See the darkness- flee the darkness,
Run to the light instead,
Abide in the shadow of Calvary’s cross,
Where God’s precious blood was shed.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

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