Salvation Stanzas, Reasons and Rhymes

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at the foot of the cross

Category: The Word

Sometimes Always

My mind is sometimes filled with doubt,
My heart sometimes filled with fears,
My soul is sometimes tempest tossed,
And my eyes sometimes well up with tears.

But my mind is always at peace and rest,
And my heart always courage filled,
When the Savior sows His seeds of truth,
In the soil the Spirit has tilled.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

To See and Hear

We don’t need lightning bolt flashes of truth,
But God’s Word to enlighten our way,
For His Word is a lamp and light to our path,
To keep us from going astray,

We don’t need to hear things novel and new,
To tickle our itching ear,
But Jesus, His life, death and rising again,
It’s the gospel of Christ we must hear.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

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