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Thunder and Roses

You hold all of creation
In the palm of Your hand
From the most majestic mountain
To the tiniest grain of sand
The diversity of all Your creation
So intriguing and filled with wonder
The fragrance of roses in springtime
The power of lightning and thunder.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


There is beauty all around us,
If we open our eyes to see,
God turns a worm into a butterfly,
And gives flight to the honey bee.

There is beauty in the mind of Jesus,
It’s made manifest by His creation,
For on that glorious dawn of this age,
The Morning Star sang with elation.

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Dust and Destiny

God formed the first man
From the dust,
As an earthen vessel of clay,
Then blew in his nostrils
The breath of life,
His image to set on display.

As a Master Artist
Shows his passion for life,
On canvas, gold, silver or stone,
So the Lord demonstrated
His wisdom and love,
By not leaving His vessel alone.

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