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Sometimes Always

My mind is sometimes filled with doubt,
My heart sometimes filled with fears,
My soul is sometimes tempest tossed,
And my eyes sometimes well up with tears.

But my mind is always at peace and rest,
And my heart always courage filled,
When the Savior sows His seeds of truth,
In the soil the Spirit has tilled.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

Heart, Soul, Mind, Spirit

The heart grows colder,
When it finds no delight,
In a child’s laughter,
Or a hummingbird’s flight.

Seas of the Soul

Sometimes longing love for my Savior,
Like a tidal wave crashes within,
And my thirsting soul cries out in worship,
To the Lamb whose blood cleanses from sin.

Other times the water is peaceful and still,
And I thank Him for calming the waves,
But I need Him no matter what seas I face,
He alone parts the waters and saves.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

An Audience of One

So often I seek the approval of men,
Instead of an audience of One,
The Christ who heals broken hearts and lives,
And everything under the sun.

So often I seek the acceptance of man,
To fill the deep need of my soul,
But relying on what men say about me,
In the end take a heavy toll.

But Christ calls to tired and weary ones,
“Come to Me I will give your soul rest,”
“My child it is I who fashioned your heart,”
“And I know you and love you the best.”

“For I am gentle and lowly in heart,
On Me you can cast all your care,”
“I will be your Wonderful Counselor,
Who will love you and always be there.”

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

Stand Alone stanzas

Standing or Stumbling

Sometimes I’m afraid of failure,
That I’ll stumble and fall on my face,
Other times I’m afraid of succeeding,
That in pride I will turn from God’s grace.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


God has promised to keep us in perfect peace,
If we keep our eyes fixed upon Him,
And to make us more than conquerors,
Over Satan, self and sin.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


So often the Master Artist
Just wants us to admit,
That in the mosaic that is our life
We can’t see how the pieces all fit,

Where To Begin

Sometimes when my God meets with me
In the garden of my heart,
I see the walls all broken down
And don’t even know where to start.

Sometimes He mercifully shows me
The thistles and weeds of my sin,
And it grieves me deeply to see and know
The shape my heart truly is in.

But the Lord is the Master Re-builder
Of broken and battered lives,
And by His kind, patient pruning,
The fruit of the Spirit thrives.

So if you think you’re beyond all hope
And you’re ready to just give in,
Offer your heart into Jesus’ hands
And let the Master begin…

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

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