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The Missing Key

Why can’t we humans get along
Why do we strive and fight?
Could it be deep down inside
That something is just not right ?
Why do we feel entitled
Like life should treat us fair?
But who determines right and wrong
To what do we compare?
Is there anyone in this broken world
Who holds the missing key?
To release us from our prison cells
Who can stop our enmity?
Yes there is One I know His name
I walk with Him each day,
He takes away fear and anxiety
That the world tries to throw my way,
So if you truly want to know
How life was meant to be,
The answers are found in Jesus Christ
And the Godhead Trinity.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

Beautiful Mess

So often when I look around,
I’m perplexed and must confess,
It is hard to see what You’re doing,
In the midst of this beautiful mess.

For Your thoughts and Your ways are above me,
And my thoughts human words can’t express,
When I can’t see through tears what You’re doing,
In the midst of this beautiful mess.

Then I kneel in awe at Your glorious throne,
And worship, praise and profess,
That You are good and in control,
In the midst of this beautiful mess.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

Friend or foe?

The enemy plots to control the minds,
And hearts and souls of men,
To tell them what to say and do,
And why and where and when.

But we all have the will and ability,
To make the one truly great choice,
To follow Jesus as Savior and Lord,
And not heed the enemy’s voice.

For you can choose your allegiance
You can follow the Friend or the foe,
one wants your death and destruction,
One loves you and wants to make whole.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


Do I truly think that I can fool
The almighty, omniscient God,
Who knows what’s in my heart and soul
And sees through my flimsy facade?

Do I truly think the fig leaves I sew
Stitched together by threads of my pride,
Can mask my fears and anxieties
From the One from whom darkness can’t hide?

For I can’t run or hide from my Maker
He knows every thought, word and deed,
And it’s only by placing my life in His hands
That my heart, soul and mind can be freed.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


Why is Christ worthy to be called the Lord?
With wide wonder I ponder the ways;
He’s the Prince of Peace and Lord of Life
Who with fervor goes after the strays.

Why do I love the Savior so?
Oh the ways are too numerous to count;
Were the whole world mine as a gift to give
It would be an insufficient amount.

Why do I cling to my Saviors side
Forsaking things I once held dear?
It’s because I’ve found Someone of infinite worth
The Great Savior who saved me from fear.

Why do I follow a God I can’t see,
And seek to walk in His steps?
It’s because He’s exceedingly gracious to me
I’m a child that He loves and accepts.

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