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His Majesty

In a spider web I see Your hand,
As it bends in the wind without breaking,
In the countless number of seashore sand,
In Your air that I’m freely partaking.

I see Your majestic and beautiful mind,
In valleys and high mountain peaks,
In creating all creatures after their kind,
In the vastness of stars Your voice speaks.

I find You in eating my daily bread,
Each day teaching dependence anew,
And live by every Word You’ve said,
You’re my God who is faithful and true.

MT  2017

Psalm 145:5 NKJV
[5] I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, And on Your wondrous works.

Heart, Soul, Mind, Spirit

The heart grows colder,
When it finds no delight,
In a child’s laughter,
Or a hummingbird’s flight.

Hidden – Colors


God hides for a season
The beauty of leaves
Beneath the chlorophyll,
So that He can delight
Our eyes in the fall
And give us a colorful thrill!


God paints the clouds
A bright golden hue
The earth lush and green
The sky softer blue
But His most precious color
Is the deep crimson red
That flowed from Christ’s side
His feet, hands and head.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015


The brilliant, all knowing, universe Maker,
Condescended to make lowly me,
Then showed how much He loves and cares,
By dying for me on a tree.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


Over and Under

God spoke and creation took shape and began,
He commanded and all things stood fast,
All things over and under the sun,
All things present and future and past.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

Small Beginnings

The Maker looked lovingly at the seeds in His hand
Each barely an eighth an inch long,
And smiled and nodded approvingly
As the other trees broke out in song,
The little seeds little knew at that time
The great lesson that God was showing,
Or the noble cause for which they were made
And the honor that He was bestowing,

Thunder and Roses

You hold all of creation
In the palm of Your hand
From the most majestic mountain
To the tiniest grain of sand
The diversity of all Your creation
So intriguing and filled with wonder
The fragrance of roses in springtime
The power of lightning and thunder.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

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