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Long Before

Jesus knew from eternity,

Long before time on earth began,

That to ransom His dearly loved children,

He would have to become fully Man,

Long before sin came to plague mankind,

Before Satan tempted Adam and Eve,

Jesus knew He would have to descend from His throne,

And suffer for those who believe, 

So the God-Man Jesus the Servant King,

Laid His full weight of glory aside,

That man would not live forever in sin,

Nor in shame and fear cower and hide.


Mark Tinjum- 2017

Born and Declared

Born of the seed of David,
Declared to be Son of God,
Rightful Ruler of heaven and earth,
Whom angels worship and laud.

Lion of the tribe of Judah,
Sinless Savior- God’s Passover Lamb,
Alpha- Omega, Beginning and End,
God Almighty and Great I AM.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016

Heart, Soul, Mind, Spirit

The heart grows colder,
When it finds no delight,
In a child’s laughter,
Or a hummingbird’s flight.

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Seas of the Soul

Sometimes longing love for my Savior,
Like a tidal wave crashes within,
And my thirsting soul cries out in worship,
To the Lamb whose blood cleanses from sin.

Other times the water is peaceful and still,
And I thank Him for calming the waves,
But I need Him no matter what seas I face,
He alone parts the waters and saves.

Mark Tinjum   –   2016


It’s not just the astonishing number of stars,
But the vastness of distance between,
That leads me to bow down and worship in awe,
Before Lord God Almighty unseen.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

Hidden – Colors


God hides for a season
The beauty of leaves
Beneath the chlorophyll,
So that He can delight
Our eyes in the fall
And give us a colorful thrill!


God paints the clouds
A bright golden hue
The earth lush and green
The sky softer blue
But His most precious color
Is the deep crimson red
That flowed from Christ’s side
His feet, hands and head.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015


The One who owns the whole universe,
Was born in a borrowed stall,
To set us free from the enemy,
And the curse of mankind’s fall.

At the Lord’s earthly dedication,
To His heavenly Abba above,
All His family had to offer God,
Was a lowly turtle dove.

When His family was called to flee,
From the wrath of a murderous king,
God provided for His beloved Son,
By the treasures three wise men would bring.

God’s precious and priceless gift to men,
Life’s Author, the universe Builder,
Was sold as a common criminal,
For a paltry few pieces of silver.

At His death a rich man’s kindness,
Provided place for His body to rest,
But of all the kings who have walked this earth,
He was richer and exceedingly blessed.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015

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