The One who owns the whole universe,
Was born in a borrowed stall,
To set us free from the enemy,
And the curse of mankind’s fall.

At the Lord’s earthly dedication,
To His heavenly Abba above,
All His family had to offer God,
Was a lowly turtle dove.

When His family was called to flee,
From the wrath of a murderous king,
God provided for His beloved Son,
By the treasures three wise men would bring.

God’s precious and priceless gift to men,
Life’s Author, the universe Builder,
Was sold as a common criminal,
For a paltry few pieces of silver.

At His death a rich man’s kindness,
Provided place for His body to rest,
But of all the kings who have walked this earth,
He was richer and exceedingly blessed.

Mark Tinjum   –   2015